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Wheel Loader, 953A

1. Picture of 953A Loader
Wheel Loader, 953A

2. Major technical parameters of 953A
Overall dimension (length x width x height) (mm)
Rated load (ton)
Capacity of bucket (m3)
Capacity of standard bucket (m3)
Weight of complete machine (t)
Unloading height (mm)
Unloading distance (mm)
Sum time of three items (s)
Wheelbase (mm)
Wheel track (mm)
Maximum breakout force (kN)
Maximum traction (kN)
Steering angle
Maximum traveling speed (km/h)
Minimum turning radius
Maximum gradeability (°)

3. Main configurations of 953A

Engine model
Rated power of engine (kw/hp)
162 /220
Rated speed of engine (rpm)
Maximum torque of engine (N.m)
Engine displacement
China II
Model of gearbox
Hangzhou Advance Gearbox ZL50X54D
Gears of gearbox
Two forward gears and one backward gear
Model of drive axle
M axle
Braking way
Caliper disc brake
Tire model
Pressure of working system (MPa)
Operation manner of working system
Flexible axle operation
A/C system
Warm air blower

4. Performance characteristics of 953A
953A wheel loader is the third generation of loader product produced independently by our company by using the latest technology and modern design. It adopts China’s common transmission system and reinforced frame and its excellent performance, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and reasonable economic cost have achieved the advanced level in the industry.
a. Strong power
Quick speed: lifting: 5.4 s; sum time of three items: 9.8s;
High flexibility: small turning radius, flexible steering;
Enough power: 162kW Weichai supercharged engine provides powerful power;
Full load: Extended bucket bottom, strong cut-in force, large bucket drawback angle and high full-load coefficient.  
b. Excellent performance
Unloading height: the unloading height of the movable arm is 3400 mm, which can meet the demand of high-height unloading;
Strong force: 170kN breakout force and 150kN traction are applicable to the operating demands of various harsh working conditions;
Excellent wheelbase: wheelbase is short as 3000 mm, which makes the site applicability be optimal;
Good performance: optimized working device of single rocker arm, smooth motion and the bucket can lay flat automatically. 
c. High reliability
Integral-type front frame, box beam rear frame and thickened plates, providing high strength;
Hinge point adopts double-row centering taper roller bearing, which makes the stress more reasonable and makes the steering more flexible.
d. Prolonged service life
Due to wear-resistant blades and bucket teeth, the service life of bucket becomes longer;
"C"-shaped protecting bush is used at the hinge joint of hinge pin, which has good dust proof effect and makes the hinge joint of hinge pin more wearable.
Hydraulic joint adopts "Cone-O" double seal which is a kind of German technology, so the capacity of seepage-proofing and leakage-proof becomes better.
e. Driving becomes more comfortable
The cab, with large interior space and wide field of vision, makes driving become comfortable and safety;
Imported flexible shaft makes operation easy and flexible;
Air volume of the warm air blower is large. The warm air blower has functions of defrosting, so it makes the driving more comfortable;